3DR Labs partners with Resonance Health to bring lighting fast LIC analysis to MRI clients.


3DR Labs, LLC, an Accumen Inc. company, has partnered with Resonance Health to provide FerriSmart reports to 3DR’s clients – equipping them with safer, easier, and less expensive Liver Iron Concentration (LIC) monitoring technology.

Resonance Health developed FerriSmart, a standalone software solution designed to gather the most robust LIC data from any liver MRI scan. Using artificial intelligence (AI), FerriSmart automatically analyzes the MRI images, sequences and standardizes them, and then creates and sends a customized LIC report – all within seconds.

FerriSmart uses AI to automate and accelerate LIC results, allowing doctors and patients to monitor LIC levels closely – all with the data contained in a basic liver MRI. FerriSmart’s quick results mean faster development of treatment plans for patients with iron overload. No additional, specialized testing is needed.

“We are excited to partner with Resonance Health to provide our clients with this additional resource for mining valuable diagnostic data from their MRI images,” said Accumen President and CEO Jeff Osborne. “3DR is already working with 900 hospitals in the United States, creating three-dimensional images from their MRI and computed tomography scans. We consider FerriSmart to be a natural extension to the comprehensive MRI analysis services that we already offer to our 3DR clients.”

Based in Australia, Resonance Health offers a suite of non-invasive medical imaging software and services. Its products are used to support clinical diagnosis and care in hospitals and health systems, as well as to enable innovation as researchers and pharmaceutical companies conduct clinical trials.

Fifteen years ago, Resonance Health launched FerriScan, a non-invasive, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) based test to measure the concentration of iron in a patient’s liver. Liver iron concentration (LIC) is an important indicator of how much iron is in a person’s body. When the body absorbs too much iron, it can’t get rid of it. Instead, it builds up in the body, where it can become toxic and cause serious problems.

A high LIC is a key indicator for several conditions, from thalassemia, to sickle cell disease, to liver cancer. FerriScan has quickly become the gold standard for LIC measurement, with significant diagnostic value.

3DR Labs provides 24/7 access to expert, U.S.-based radiological technologists who perform superior 3D medical image post-processing. Since its founding in 2005, 3DR has served hundreds of hospital radiology departments, stand-alone imaging centers, and radiology practices, processing more than 1 million patient cases.