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    Pam Baker

    Creating Actionable Insights from Clinical Data

    Data across any industry is becoming increasingly more important in making intelligent decisions. Specifically looking at the healthcare industry, actionable data, especially during times like we are facing today, is imperative. Healthcare Performance Insider had a chance to catch up with Pam Baker, RN and Clinical Informatics Manager at Accumen to discuss why.

    Pam Baker is an experienced nurse that has walked the halls of many different departments within the health system. From adult medicine to critical care and from the operating room to the recovery room. Transitioning from bedside care to corporate America, she focused on the clinical workflow side of electronic medical records (EMRs), specifically working on an anemia management project with an alpha client to reduce the number of transfusions given in that health system.

    During this time, we got smarter and smarter about patient blood management, and the clinical information that can power it. How do you change the ordering process to get physicians to do what is right versus what they’re used to? How do you show them a proof of concept, with the evidence behind it and get them to trust you and accept the change?

    Pam’s most recent experiences have shifted her focus to span the even more of the clinical workflow. Behind the scenes she now uses her clinical and technical expertise to build solutions that have a broad impact on the use of data in healthcare today. She is passionate about the value data can provide – the evidence to educate physician and nurses that change is necessary to make the right decisions, for the right patient, at the right time.

    What we do from a patient blood management perspective, or even a test utilization perspective, is pull different data elements out -of the EMO. Elements like when was the patient transfused, what was the hemoglobin value, who is the ordering provider? We’re able to use that data from the EMR and apply a methodology that is specific to Patient Blood Management. This data will help drive change in the way physicians sees the need for a blood transfusion. The data can also be used to help educate the health care system on why change is necessary. 

    As Pam illustrates, data supports the need for change.

    Pam elaborates on how to create meaningful reports from data.  Her passion today is helping healthcare systems use data to create change.

    To learn more about Pam, her career and how she is profoundly impacting healthcare, check out her podcast interview in July!

    Pam Baker

    Pam Baker

    Clinical Informatics Manager